1 Month Weekend Challenge

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Weekend 1: Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a world-wide treasurehunt for “caches” that are hidden by members of the community all around the world. There are plenty of reasons to love geocaching, and this fun experience and can involve the entire family.

About Geocaching

Learn the Basics

In this playlist, you can watch the basics about Geocaching. Specifically:

  • What Geocaching is
  • How to download and use the app
  • Etiquette, like dealing with muggles in high-traffic places, and what not to do with caches.

Tips for success

Find a series of caches that are close by

You'll have the most fun Geocaching if you go to one place with a decently high concentration of caches. I recommend a park or a hiking trail that has caches listed. This will make it more fun for your family if you're not spending a lot of time in the car, or traveling from cache to cache.

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blackboard, chalk, board-677578.jpg

Tips for success

Build something fun into the experience

If any caches are located near your favorite pizza place or ice cream parlor, it makes the day even better if you can top it off with something fun and memorable.

Even getting ice cream through a drive through will top the day off with a fun ending.

How did it go?

What was your experience with Geocaching? Did the kids enjoy it? Tell your story or leave your feedback.